Virtual One to One Portfolio/Project Review, Critique and Assistance

Everything about editing images, business, customer relations and more
December 5th,, 2020, 10AM to 11PM Eastern Time to accommodate time differences

Tell stories with your images
Learn how to plan for your project: From selecting and gathering a team to styling your model and set.
Light and Shadows
All you need to know about lightning your fine art portrait and the play of light and shadows
Save time
Post-processing techniques that will save you time and make your image memorable
About Workshop
Photography Assistance Suggestion for topics we can discuss: · Assistance with project development or review · online portfolio | website review and advice · latest photography session discussion · discussion of photographic style and vision · Ideas to help you with organizing your ideas and photo session itself · Assistance with brainstorming inspiration and creativity · discussing lighting technique, shooting style, composition and more · critique of specific photographs During this one to one 1 hour consultation, you will have an opportunity to ask questions about your portfolio, project or any other photography needs and questions you want to resolve. Get portfolio critiquing and advice, as well as advice on individual completed or in progress projects. It doesnt matter where are you in the process - planning, executing, editing! Once you book the day and time, send us an email to with the specifics of what you want to discuss so we can be as productive as possible in our one to one video conference. Please note this is a one on one consultation, groups are not permitted. Recording of the session is also not permitted and is subject to legal liability. Additional time if you wish to extend the session - hourly $195 (this is a discounted rate, only for sessions September though MayDecember)

Workshop Program

Before the virtual class, I will ask you few questions that will help me design the best and most educational experience for you.
Students give this workshop an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars
I was so excited about Samira's one-on-one fine art portrait workshop and it did not disappoint! Even having more advanced knowledge of lighting and photography, I still took so much away with me. From styling, to subtle/classic posing techniques, new lighting diagrams and retouching techniques, Samira's workshop was money well spent.
by Jose S.
This was the best educational experience ever. Samira is a true talent and professional and she has a gentle touch and understanding of how to bring out the best in people. Everything she does is with great attention and love. Even our lunch was fantastic, she had a catering company serve us fresh and delicious food.
by Robert H.
For many years I have done portraits of adults, and somehow I have been afraid to work with children. The challenge for me was that I just dont know how to pose them or communicate my ideas. Samira gave each student private time to shoot each model and with her directions and advice, I captured some amazing images. I feel more confident now.
by Natalia S.
I can see clearly the difference now in using softwares to do the skin retouching for you and to do it your self. I have been using filters for years, but now I finally started understanding the power of color grading something yourself. So much more to learn, Im hoping for editing only workshops by Samira in the future.
by Tasha S.
Simple and effective. I learned how I dont have to over complicate my ideas and how every gesture, color and texture are important for my composition. Looking forward to the next workshop opportunity.
by Sandeep P.
I have been a photographer for many years in the wedding sector. I was always interested in portraits, and I will book a shoot giving complete freedom of styling to the model/client, thinking that this will give me best and easiest results. Well, now I see how I should be more in control and coordinate styling and colors of clothes and make up better. It makes a difference to have more control over the styling in the final image.
by Hudson G.

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