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Samira knows how to find that special something in you
24 March 2019
by Laurel D.
Samira is an amazing photographer who works with people to bring out their best poses and expressions. She knows how to find that special something in your personality and make your photos shine. She is very experienced and has a gifted eye for art and design, as well as a great sense of professionalism and a strong work ethic. She sees and captures moments other photographers might overlook. Highly recommend!
Samira is a professional with a soft touch
by Nicole K.
My 12 year-old daughter participated in a photoshoot with Samira and it was a wonderful experience. Samira is a professional with a soft touch. She put my daughter at ease and provided valuable instruction/direction to her throughout the shoot. Samira is easy to talk to and fun to be around. Her photographs are out of this world. Absolutely stunning. I highly recommend the whole experience with Samira and the results are picture perfect.
From vision and direction to creativity and execution
22 February 2019
by Tina W.
From vision and direction to creativity and execution, Samira is a gifted photographer. Having watched her work with my daughter as well as with other children and young adults - she is able to create a relaxed, yet inspired atmosphere and capture beautiful moments. Whether portraiture or art, I would highly recommend Samira.
Samira was extremely professional, patient genuinely kind
by Tara M.
I was such a pleasure working with Samira. My 12 year old daughter Kameryn modeled for the fine arts project photoshoot and what an incredible experience. Samira was extremely professional, she was very patient and just genuinely kind. Samira has an eye for beauty and is extremely talented. Her photos are just simply nothing short than AMAZING. THANK YOU SO MUCH Samira !!!
I couldn't have been more pleased with her photos
by Katie G.
My 8 year old daughter had the pleasure to model for Samira Sabulis for two of her fine art photoshoots. Samira was kind, patient and amazingly talented. She not only is an amazing photographer but has an eye for beautifully unique styling. Her photos truly look like fine art. I couldn't have been more pleased with her photos. Thank you Samira for beautiful photos and an amazing experience!
Samira got my image on Vogue
by Arianna H.
Ms. Samira was so nice during the photo shoot. She helped me with posing and facial expressions for modeling, and gave compliments and encouragement. It was fun. She even got my picture in Vogue Italia. I hope to work with Ms. Samira again. She is so talented.
The best experiences in my life
by M.K.
I had the pleasure to work with Samira and it truly was one of the best experiences in my life. Not only were the dresses and props beautiful, but I was also surprised how easy it can be to work on a photo shoot if given the right directions. And that's exactly the case with Samira - simple, yet thoughtful corrections that really turn the session into an unforgettable and professional experience. But the greatest moment was when I received the photos - every single one was beautiful, making me look exactly like the women I always wanted to be. It's all I could ever wish for.
Attention to detail and beauty in it’s simplicity
by Dorotea K.
What makes Samira’s work stand out is her attention to detail and beauty in it’s simplicity. My daughters had the opportunity to work with her and I am in love with the photos she took. Every single one is mesmerizing, and there really is something special about all of them. The photo shoot was a great experience, both for me and my daughters. It was interesting to watch Samira work with the girls, always trying to find the best lighting, best angle, making sure everything looked “just right”. I could also see that my daughters had a lot of fun while shooting-all the amazing props and dresses really made them feel like medieval princesses!
I will treasure the portraits forever
by Yumiko
Since all Samira's works are highly artistic, I could not imagine how my daughters' portraits would turn out. My daughters are shy and do not like to be in photos in general, but they made great models for Samira because they only had to be there in front of the camera. No need to smile, just be themselves. The portraits turned out to show their inner-selves and conveyed a great amount of message to me. It is the work of passion and love for children that no other photographer could create. Samira was quick in deciding what to do when she found out that I left all the dresses she chose from their wardrobes at home and made great pictures anyways!! I will treasure the portraits forever.

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