Most of Samira’s artistic photography is inspired by the art of movement and pool of symbols.

Samira Sabulis is an artist of mixed Eastern European and Balkan descent. She spent her childhood years in Poland and Bulgaria and began an early career in performing arts with modeling and dance. As a model, she appeared in catalogues, newspaper advertisements, commercials and fashion shows, working with Bulgaria’s top photographers and designers. Still in her teens, Samira performed as a dancer, touring Europe with pop singers and artists. At the age of sixteen she hosted her own television talk show, where she interviewed Bulgarian musicians and actors.

Studying both classical and modern ballet, Samira has always had an appreciation of movement and art.

After completing her first degree in International Business from the University of Maryland, The R. H. Smith School of Business, she realized that her true calling is art, and decided to devote herself to the study and practice of creative directing and photography, only this time behind the camera.

Within the first year and a half of her career as a self-taught photographer, Samira Sabulis became published internationally in magazine and newspaper spreads as well as covers of publications. Her work was also exhibited in established Washington DC venues.

Samira works with personal clients and offers unique work for private collectors, examples of which can be obtained upon request.

An artistic soul and inspiration from the art of symbolism have given Samira’s work a distinguished edge. Ever since young, Samira has enjoyed painting and her work has been highly influenced by the symbolism movement. Growing up, she learned and admired famous symbolists such as Auguste Rodin, Paul Gauguin, William Blake, Gustave Klimt and Edvard Munch.

Samira draws upon her unique background to create art that expresses emotion, movement and beauty. She wishes to do more than capture a pretty face – her goal is to create art that makes a statement.