I focus my attention on women

It has always been this way, ever since I reentered the world of art. I guess in a way it was because I was trying to better understand my own femininity and to become whole with it. I see women through my own woman’s lens, and I think thats what makes all the difference.

Its all about us, women, and how we want to be seen, not how men would be pleased to see us.

With time I have noticed that women who worked with me started to use the art we create as a form of therapy. It could be as simple as just feeling beautiful and powerful after a painful break up.

It is truly magnificent to connect with another human being in such an honest and pure way. I am so grateful to be a witness in another human’s growth process.

I work with women who are going through transition in their lives.

Such transitions could be:

  • Aging
  • Becoming a mother
  • Overcoming sexual trauma
  • Mourning the loss of a close person

The images I create are not always displayed here, the work we do is very sensitive and the end goal is not to have a pretty, smily picture but rather to make a statement that will help a person heal or build confidence.

Emotional release for different people may mean different things however one thing is certain, there are transitional moments in our lives that we must commemorate and draw power from them. Then there are those moments where you are able to observe as a witness from far away and easily understand that this is not your pain but rather something outside your consciousness.

I incorporate motion in my work

After years of experimenting and working with dance I became true believer that moving through emotion can have a profound effect on your soul.