About the artist

Samira Sabulis is an internationally published and recognized photographer specializing in fine art portraits, with works featured in Vogue, Smithsonian Magazine, Grazia, Zmones, Lietuvos Ryts and other publications.
Her work has also been exhibited in established Washington DC venues and in the homes and offices of private collectors.

Samira draws upon her unique background to create art that expresses emotion and beauty.

Samira Sabulis is of mixed Eastern European and Balkan descent. She spent her childhood in Poland and Bulgaria and began an early career in dance and modeling. As a model, she worked with some of Europe’s top photographers and designers, participating in fashion shows and appearing in catalogues, newspaper advertisements and commercials. Still in her teens, Samira performed as a dancer, touring Europe with pop singers and artists. At the age of sixteen she hosted her own television talk show, where she interviewed famous musicians and actors.

Having been a student of both classical and modern ballet, Samira carries that appreciation of the art in her work today.

Samira has been painting since her childhood, and her work is highly inspired by the Old Masters and the works of classic painters such as Rembrandt , Jan Vermeer, Van Gogh, Hals, Steen and more.
The above influences, combined with Samira’s own travels, life experiences and creative soul have given her work a unique and distinguished edge.

After completing a degree in International Business from the University of Maryland, Samira realized that art was her true calling, and decided to devote herself to the study and practice of creative directing and photography.
Samira Sabulis travels across the United States and Europe, sharing her craft and creating memorable and classical pieces of art for her clients and their families.

In addition to her personal and client projects, Samira provides educational workshops and private training to clients interested in fine art portraiture and the ins and outs of creative directing and production.

Samira believes that there is an artist in each one of us, so her workshops are uniquely designed to awaken your creativity and teach you the process of organizing and managing your own productions and teams.

Upcoming Workshops

Istanbul, Turkey
March 21, 2020
Istanbul (address will be revealed to paid participants)
From an Idea to a Final Image I invite you to join me for a masterclass, where I will
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Washington DC
January 26, 2020
Washington DC TBA
From an Idea to a Final Image I invite you to join me for a masterclass, where I will
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