Artist Statement

As an artist, I am inspired by human strength, resilience, and diversity. I am inspired by the human form, its function, and its objective beauty. My art strives to break boundaries, to reject constraints, and to rebel against imposed stigmas and stereotypes.

My approach is a tribute to my collective life experiences. It has been shaped by a strict upbringing; by growing up in Bulgaria, at the break of communism; and it is a reaction to the cultural norms imposed upon me. My approach is both an embrace and a rejection of it all.

At a young age, I entered the world of performance arts and modeling. It proved to be the creative outlet I needed. In it, I shed stigma and insecurities. I flourished. I embraced the physical and sexual “differences” around me. I gained invaluable perspective of what it means to be loved and how society defined beauty. I also found a path forward.

In 2002, I moved to the United States. After completing a degree in international business in The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, I realized my calling continued to be to art but from the other side of the camera. I have since devoted my talents to the study and practice of fine art photography in both directing and creating.

My style is influenced by the Old Masters and by the works of classic painters such as Rembrandt, Jan Vermeer, Hals, and Steen, among others.

My projects aim to break the boundaries of commercial beauty and transcend societal stigmas. My goal is to provide a powerful representation of our collective beauty as humans and as individuals.

I dedicate my art to those who are trying to find themselves. My wish is that they could see they are enough, without make up, and without complication. They are my inspiration.

samira in her studio on set

About The Workshops:

Samira believes that there is an artist in each one of us, so her workshops are uniquely designed to awaken your creativity and teach you the process of organizing and managing your own productions and teams. 

Upcoming Workshops

Istanbul, Turkey
March 21, 2020
Istanbul (address will be revealed to paid participants)
From an Idea to a Final Image I invite you to join me for a masterclass, where I will
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Washington DC
March 29th, 2020
Washington DC TBA
From an Idea to a Final Image I invite you to join me for a masterclass, where I will
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