Who Runs The World?

September 28, 2020


Throughout the past 2 years , I have been unofficially mentoring my friend’s children by providing advice and direction on various topics.

This year I was asked if I would like to mentor young people who are children of members of YPO, a global business leadership member-based organization.

I agreed, I had to select a topic to talk about in the next 6 month with them. This was very difficult as there are so many interesting topics worth exploring such as how to start a business for example.

After carefully considering pros and cons in various subjects, I decided to call my mentorship program ” Women in Leadership.”

Apparently that happened to be a very hot topic and I received the most applications for this program. It made me very happy that so many young women were interested. However, I I had to select only 4 young women to mentor in order to make it productive. 

I am really looking forward to beginning the mentorship program and to meet the girls via zoom.

I think giving back is an important way to contribute to society and the lives of others. 

We will have a lot to discuss like nurturing a healthy self-esteem to be the best you can be at any age or point in your life. One thing that is uncomfortable for women is being assertive and taking charge. We don’t want to seem “bossy”. Like I always say to anyone who called me bossy – if I was a man, would you call me that? Or will you say that I am assertive and know what I want? It is not easy to be a leader, it sounds intriguing but it carries a lot of responsibility for others and the world among other things. 

Being a leader is challenging in every step of the way in your career and business, and staying healthy is something that should not be taken lightly. Therefore, I will be also adding a session on talking about mental and physical health, healthy dieting and the importance of recognizing when to stop and take care of yourself.

In my next few blog posts I will be sharing with you tips from the mentoring program as well as inspiring stories and more. Stay tuned!