“By nature, I am very shy and yet believe every women deserves a photo-shoot that lets her be raw and true. Samira is understanding and very creative with her art. She is not only very talented but also made me feel very comfortable, she gave me a lot of direction and made sure I am comfortable every step of the way. Samira brought out of me emotions and feelings I am shy to share….some I didn’t even realize I had within me. We often stopped and spoke about what was coming up for me, she truly cared for me and wanted to see me shine. I really enjoyed working with her! She is one of a kind.” YN


“Samira and I have worked on many occasions. She did my family portraits.  While we were doing our yearly family photoshoot, her and I began talking about some pretty deep and personal things. After the shoot we grabbed a tea and dived deeper into the subject. There it was, I am aging, I am afraid of it, all my images represent me as a mother and a wife, but is this all I am? No. I hired her to find out. She did the most sensual and feminine images, I felt so strong and beautiful. This part of me was still untacked. I can be sensual and a mother at the same time.” VD

Samira is not only an incredibly gifted photographer, but a dedicated professional that puts in the time to get the most out of her shoots and with her clients. We did an extensive prep call to discuss goals, locations, timing etc. Samira then followed up with me to make sure I was on track with selecting and reviewing outfits/accessories for the different scenes we wanted to capture. Day of the shoot she was punctual and on point giving me lots of great direction and feedback with what was working and what wasn’t. What most impressed me though was how Samira went above and beyond continuing to shoot past our time into the “best light” and even change location. Additionally, during the post editing process she continued to reach out to ask me what I wanted to include vs. edit from photos. Sidra Gross