Pregnancy: Third Trimester – Preparation

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***In the last two weeks we explored the first and second trimester:

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These final days have all been about preparation. This new little being is almost here. The gear is out; the clothes, the diapers, the rocking chair has made it out of storage… The only thing missing is a baby! I’m 3 days post due date and every night have gone to sleep wondering “is tonight the night”. I’m sleeping like it’s my job, I know one of these days I’m going to clap myself on the back and say “at least I got a good nights rest”. I’m wrapping everything up work wise for a hard stop when baby comes.


Random people say the weirdest things to me on the street. It’s odd that being this noticeably pregnant seems to give others the license to comment on your body in a way that they never would. Why is that?!

I’m getting uncomfortable. My pelvis aches, my hips hurt, I have heartburn every night, I’m getting tired easily again. Every now and then I have minor contractions and always feel like I have to pee. I easily am up 4 times a night to shift which side I lay on and get up to go to the bathroom. Even masturbating is uncomfortable and not easy to do any more! Initially I felt so resentful when I started to get this uncomfortably pregnant, but than I realized, labor was going to get a lot more uncomfortable and intense and here was my body wisely giving me opportunities to practice my mindfulness and acceptance of the physicaly sensations it was experiencing.

…And surprisingly? I excited to go back to baby realm. I’m excited to pause in my life and sit in that rocking chair with my new baby and not worry about any outstanding business issues. I’m excited about the radical, prolonged presence that is required as a new mama, it’s next to impossible to be any other way with a newborn. I’m excited about doing labor again and for the last time. How will it be different? The same? My life has already started adjusting and this little being has already been teaching me news things about myself and my family.

I remember from last time childbirth isn’t the finish line, it’s the start. New challenges will face our family as we adjust to our added identities, big sister, mom and dad to two vs. one. But new and undiscovered joys also await… I’m ready to find out what both are.

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