Personal Projects

This page contains list of my personal projects
Lost Freedom
Dedicated to females who suffered trauma.The consequences of which are beyond imaginable.Lost innocence, freedom, ability to face the world directly and more. In this day and age, we women still have to fight for our rights and our bodies all around the world.The children in this portrait represent the lost freedom to be once own self, confident and strong. They represent women of all ages. teen years portrait
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As Time Passed
The eternal question: Who Am I ; Am I this body subjected to feelings of emptiness, sadness, struggle? If the body suffers, do I suffer too? Does time heal and take away the pain or I just turn into stone forever? [envira-gallery id='562']
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Intimation Of Erotica and the Divine
Intimations of Erotica represents the change a woman's body and mind goes through during pregnancy. It is scandalous to show a pregnant woman in a sexual and erotic light as this shatters the border between motherhood and sexuality. When a woman becomes a mother to be, the struggle for identity is intense, being a "woman" and a "mother" is often confusing and gaining back femininity can prove challenging. [envira-gallery id='555']
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On Display
"I am here to entertain you and take you to a different world, a world of fantasy and lust. You think you are in control, that I am the pray and you the hunter, you think that you are my master, and I am just an object of your liking. Look closely and see who really is in control...." memories of a contortionist [envira-gallery id='551']
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The Peculiar memories of a lifeless shell
Fine Art series exploring the mind and it's madness of memories, fears and struggles. [envira-gallery id='534']
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