Personal Projects

This page contains list of my personal projects
In My Loneliness
“In my loneliness, I am naked and free. I can play with no restrictions or fear of being hurt. I never make mistakes, I don’t judge myself and I am bold with the way my naked body moves.” These ideas are presented in my photographs by nudity suggesting vulnerability, movements that express emotions and actions such as playing an imaginary instrument.. The subject is sitting alone on a rustic chair having nothing but herself and some elements of nature to play and interact with. This project reflects the beauty of loneliness and the personal space it creates to explore my work, mind, body, and sometimes even nature. Choosing to spend time alone has been a huge psychological blessing for me. I believe this is particularly true in times of personal turmoil, I enjoy isolating and disconnecting myself from society. Nowadays, our lives are fast paced and designed in a way that we never have a chance to stop and think. In fact, most of us dread that moment of doing nothing and call it boredom. We feel uncomfortable and try to quickly find something to fill the gap with. That might be for example, surfing the web or getting lost in endless social media images and videos.  It is important to take a moment to be alone and eliminate yourself from the social setting of your life to identify how you are being influenced. Disconnect and ask yourself who I am and what am I doing? Am I in a toxic environment? Do I need a change? Am I happy?  This is an ongoing project in which I explore the entanglement of my choices to be alone with loneliness. Being alone and/or isolated can be perceived both as negative or positive. It all depends on the state of mind with which you approach it. Here, I am choosing to see it as a positive way to reconnect to yourself. I am yet to address how sometimes it can be hard to rejoin the community and continue nurturing relationships with others. We are now living in a time of forced isolation because of COVID-19. This situation has awakened the feeling I was exploring with my project and suddenly became very relevant in everyone’s lives. It made me think about the impacts of social distancing. I believe our minds have not yet evolved to understand such digital connection and the implications to our health and subconsciousness are yet to be seen. There is extensive research of the benefits of human touch and in-person communication, this change of lifestyle will greatly affect human kind. It is our responsibility to acknowledge when we are distancing ourselves too much and put some effort to maintain stability by talking to loved ones, exercising, expressing ourselves creatively, and connecting to nature. [envira-gallery id='607']
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Lost Freedom
This project is dedicated to women who have suffered severe trauma caused by sexual harassment and abuse. The consequences of which are beyond imaginable. Lost innocence, freedom, confidence, the ability to face the world directly and many more.  The children in these portraits represent the lost freedom to be one's own self. My interpretation is that if a woman suffers a traumatic event like assault she goes back to feeling like a defenseless and helpless child. These girls represent women of all ages who have lost their identity and now feel unprotected, confused and scared. The mirrors symbolize their inability to face the world out of shame, fear and insecurity and thus unable to develop their true self and potential. Always feeling like an observer, outsider peaking through the mirror. My goals with this project is to talk about the shame and trauma caused by sexual abuse and the long term implications it has in one’s life. My hope is that not only victims of sexual assault will connect with these portraits, but also people who have never experienced such horrible events. The community, as a whole, must protect and prevent this from happening. It is crucial to encourage women to speak up to end these patterns of violence before they even begin. We as women need to fight for our rights, privileges and our bodies all around the globe. It is important for us to open up the conversation and remove the shame that harassment and assault causes in women. Because when it comes to aggressive behavior at home, sexual harrastment, rape and sex trafficking, casualties are regularly disregarded except if the survivor approaches and reports that they have been attacked and abused. The #MeToo movement has brought issues to light of sexual abuse and harrastment and encourages survivors to stand up and speak out, however systemic issues remain. Law enforcement and social service providers frequently do little to urge women and girls to self-distinguish, so it's up to our society and our media to empower women to affirm that all types of sexual maltreatment and abuse are serious and harmful.  This is an ongoing project and will feature various works on the subject. Stay Tuned! teen years portrait
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Reality Is Just A Story
The eternal question: Who Am I ; Am I this body subjected to feelings of emptiness, sadness, struggle? If the body suffers, do I suffer too? Does time heal and take away the pain or I just turn into stone forever? [envira-gallery id='562']
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Intimation Of Erotica and the Divine
Throughout history, pregnant women have been rarely depicted, I believe the issue is that pregnancy describes a sexually active woman and this has always been a problem. It is scandalous to show a pregnant woman in a sexual and erotic light as this shatters the border between motherhood and seductiveness. When a woman becomes a mother to be, the struggle for identity is intense, being a “woman” and a “mother” is often confusing and gaining back femininity can prove challenging. Intimations of Erotica and the Divine represents the change a woman’s body and mind goes through during pregnancy. This project is also meant to shift social attitudes and magnify female agency and empowerment in the depiction of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a great adventure but your body and mind suffer great hormonal and physical changes. Even though this process is natural and temporary, these modifications can often be very overwhelming. With this project, I seek to support women in this transition period by assisting them to see the positive side and accept this beautiful change.  Utilizing expressive art therapy, I worked with  a pregnant woman who was in her third trimester. She felt lost because the transition happening with her body and mind was too overwhelming and she no longer felt sexual, beautiful or even a woman. We created a very sensual and erotic setting with her nude figure sourrounded by red and gold colors. This environment was meant to show her that the sexuality she felt she lost, was still there. When she saw the outcome she felt she had transformed to be even more feminine and beautiful than before. My goal was to empower her through photography and make her feel beautiful, sexy, and confident in her body. She expressed an immediate increase in her self-esteem and libido. This form of expressive art therapy gave her the proper environment to explore herself in a new light – a mother to be, a beautiful woman. This project has given me the opportunity to address contemporary issues of women’s identity, emotion, empowerment and eroticism during pregnancy. I believe we as a society should not separate a woman from her sexuality but rather embrace the fierceness of women in all stages of life. This is an Ongoing Project and will feature various works on the subject. Stay Tuned! [envira-gallery id='555']
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On Display
“I am here to entertain you and take you to a different world, a world of fantasy and lust. You think you are in control, that I am the prey and you the hunter, you think that you are my master, and I am just an object of your liking. Look closely and see who really is in control.”                                   - Memories of a Contortionist This project is intended to highlight the issue of women being exploited for entertainment and the importance of giving the power and respect back to women. Throughout history, women have been used for entertainment for the male audience and often worse things. Exploitation, harassment and objectification of women has happened in many cultures, from the Geishas in Japan in the 7th century, to the ballerinas in Paris in the 19th century. For decades women have often been expected to perform as sexual objects and represent a set of beauty standards.  I have visualized these ideas by changing the dynamic between the subjects from the fist image to the second one. Even though the woman in the images is supposed to be the entertainer, she is the one that retains control, you can clearly see that in her eyes and in the way he is looking at her. He is clearly powerless without realizing it fully. I did this to emphasize that she has a choice and a voice. The power is truly hers.  This project is very connected with our era because sexualization and objectification of women is still very present in our current society in mass media and social media. When women and girls are constantly objectified and their bodies hyper-sexualized, society contributes to harmful gender stereotypes that often undervalue violence against women. We have to be more conscious of how we portray and treat women in the media because these stereotypes are not only destructive for girls, but for boys as well. “Boys see how their bodies are portrayed in relation to girls and internalize the notion that success and attractiveness are tied to dominance, power and aggression” (Unicef, 2020). Therefore, it is a never ending cycle of violence and disrespect against women. With this project I wanted to bring awareness to the issue and give the power back to the women to break the cycle. This is an ongoing project that will feature the stories of many women and girls. Stay tuned. Scroll down for Behind The Scenes video of the photoshoot. [envira-gallery id='551']
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The Peculiar memories of a lifeless shell
Fine Art series exploring the mind and it's madness of memories, fears and struggles. [envira-gallery id='534']
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