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Just when I was finally content being alone and given up on a loving relationship…Prince charming showed up.

I had ended a seven year relationship thinking true love is something I will not discover and that I would never find a man who would want to commit to a monogamous relationship, a common theme among men of New York.

I learned many lessons in that relationships. It’s very important to give and love as is equal reciprocation. Many lessons in every relationship we embark .

I was afraid of going back into the single lifestyle and dating. I find it easy to meet someone and make a good impression. I try to find commonalities and have an open mind to friendship. This is what I found to be key in dating. Being open to connections that could possibly lead to friendships, nothing more. If a committed partnership was meant to be I would have to be perused and he would have to make an effort in getting to know me, not just sleep with me. We want to be valued as people and that’s exactly what men want as well.

I realize many of us women don’t value ourselves. I am guilty of this myself. I judged myself based on physical appearance.

They say men fall in love with their eyes. I say this is half of the battle. People fall in love for various reasons and physical appearance should be the last one, not vice versa. I knew my values as a loving person and learned that this is what I needed to focus on when meeting my next partner.

How did I come to this realization you might ask? Well I made a list of my ideal man. This is a very important part of manifesting what you want! I shared my list with a male friend and he was surprised, or not,  to hear my long list. He asked which were the top 3 and this a challenge. I then edited my list to prioritize the top three characteristics that my ideal man would have possess.

When I was younger, in my twenties, I thought attraction and a kind man was enough to sweep me off my feet. In my thirties I realized people are a lot more complicated. My list looked like this.

My Ideal Man

1. Empathetic and compassionate.
2. Spiritual, not religious!
3. Motivated in life

I had no idea how powerful doing this would be. A year past and I forgot about this list. I actually didn’t even think about it when I would go on dates. When I began dating, my now husband, I knew he was special. It wasn’t until about 5 months into the relationship that I realized he fit my ideal man list. I knew this time I was going to enter a relationship with someone who respects and loves me.

This my friends is how I recognized my prince when he showed up.


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