Female Empowerment: Tips for girls and women

September 21, 2020

Female empowerment is the process by which women gain power and control over their own lives and acquire the ability to make strategic choices. I view female empowerment as connoting independence and but also community. Femininity, at its heart, centers around compassion, self-affirmation, growth and self-respect.

To feel empowered and feminine, involves contributing to a larger conversation while also taking care of yourself. It involves being compassionate, accepting, and understanding of yourself and of other women. It also means seeing flaws in your own feminism in the same ways you might notice imperfections in others and learn to become a better self. 

Here are 5 things that allow me to feel empowered. 

  1. Be true to your authenticity, drive, passions, inspirations and embrace your talents.
  2. Practice self-care and make a pact to commit to value yourself the way you believe you deserve to be valued.
  3. Get inspired by other women and participate in the conversation of women’s empowerment. 
  4. Encourage and uplift other women.
  5. Prioritize personal growth and strive to improve yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically every day.