Artificial Intelligence Art

August 7, 2019

I'm sure you have all heard about the new trend - AI created art. This is such an interesting exploration of how far technology can reach but it raises a lot of questions and concerns among artists and businesses.

Since this is a creative diary of a kind, menat for inspiration, knowledge and tips, I decided to share few little facts on the matter. Who knows, it might inspire some of you to rethink your art or just satisfy your curiosity of what is happening in the art world.

Recently in Paris there was the first ever auction of artwork created by artificial intelligence. It was produced by a collective - Obvious, and it sold for $432,500. This was so unique because it was 40 times more that what the estimate for that work was.

Some say that this is not a new challenge since artists have been pushing boundaries for centuries. For example International Klein Blue by Yves Klein. He created a pure pigment using ultramarine that cannot be touched by humans in 1960s.

In my opinion art is born by individuals that push boundaries with their creativity, but how far are we willing to push and is art losing its deeper meaning? Is it all about creating something that has no use but is innovative or should art challenge our thought process, feelings and experiences?