Announcing My Newest Project!

October 30, 2020

I am particularly excited and proud to announce that my “new project” is about meditation and asanas. I am looking for devoted yogis that understand and appreciate yoga and meditation and that will help me capture the spiritual value of these ancient practices. Through this project I want to emphasize our connection with nature and the universe. I am very excited to find the perfect candidates that share my passion. If you consider yourself a true follower of yoga (or you know someone who is ) and meditation and have the ability to move your body and create different poses please enter my contest to find my next beautiful subject.  

Here is what you have to do to participate: 

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  3. Comment to nominate yourself or someone you think will be perfect for this
  4. Share this post on your story and tag me 

Contrary to what many people may think, the beneficial changes that yoga can produce in our brain are countless. So much so, that meditation and yoga has influenced the way I perceive the world that surrounds me. Yoga and deep meditation have physical and mental effects on our brain that we should not ignore. Yoga combines physical exercise and movement that enables us to connect with our inner self, while meditation provides the tools to live a happy and fulfilled life. Controlling your own breathing, practicing abstraction and concentration, becoming aware of yourself, your mind and your own body is a first step to ascend to the next level and reach total relaxation. Since I started practicing yoga and meditation I lead a more peaceful and healthy life. Especially now that we are restrained from moving and physical activity, yoga is great for your body and mental health and you can do it alone at home.